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I am posting to let the world know about my new startup web design company, 780 Web Design. I have over 15 years of web design and development experience. In the past, I only did it as a hobby on the side, but I decided to get more serious and take it up full-time.

The sites I build are modern and fully-responsive. They are also search engine optimized and built with the latest technology and software. 780 is an Edmonton web design company dedicated to offering affordable design & development solutions to any size business. Visit our online portfolio today and see what we can do for your business!


Tulowitzki & Toronto destroy Philadelphia


The MLB trade deadline is less than 48 hours away and the Blue Jays still need a starting pitcher. Everybody knows that, even Jose Bautista. Still, how can you argue with the logic that ‘a run scored is just as good as a run prevented’? At least that’s the approach Blue Jays management is taking with the blockbuster trade that landed Troy Tulowitzki from the Colorado Rockies. In his debut, #Tulo helped an explosive Jays offense with a 2-run home run and an RBI in an 8-2 win over the Phillies. Impressive. I looked forward to seeing him do some damage in an already dangerous Jays lineup. Now, about that pitcher.

Your thoughts on the ESPYS?


It was an entertaining show to say the least. As a 20 year Patriots fan, I was glad to see Gronkowski win comeback player of the year. That being said, I feel Malcom Butler was robbed by Odell Beckham for the Best Play award. Say what you want about that play call, but Malcom’s interception was not only a game-winning play, it secured their fourth Super Bowl. Yes Odell Beckham made a great play, but Malcom Butler’s interception was way more clutch. I am probably being biased towards #patsnation so I digress.

I was also disappointed that Floyd Mayweather wasn’t in attendance. I really wanted to see the look on his face after Ronda Rousey won Best Fighter.

The Alex Rodriguez segment with Ken Jeung was a little bit humorous, but mostly annoying and confusing. Brittany Spears and JJ Watt? What were the writers smoking? There was too much shameless promotion for ABC, as well as ESPN. It felt more like a celebrity roast than a sports awards show, and most of the jokes weren’t even funny.

Now let’s get to the subject everyone really wants to talk about. Bruce, er I mean Caitlyn Jenner. I thought it was courageous and everything was very well-said and true. It was a good speech. However, I thought ESPN spent a little too much time on this, trying to capitalize on the media coverage and publicity. Smart business move, but it definitely took away from the athletes spotlight.

That being said, it was entertaining enough to watch on a night when Major League Baseball was on All Star break.