Matthew Galpin

Edmonton, Alberta

My name is Matt(hew) Galpin and I’m from Edmonton, AB — Born & raised. Welcome to my personal blog! I try to update it as much as I can, but I am definitely more active on social media. Here you can find links to my social profiles. I was born in 1989, hence the ’89’ in the domain name. Mystery solved!

I’ve been designing and developing websites since I was 11 years old. Here you can view some of my Edmonton web design projects. I graduated from Bellerose Composite High School in 2007 with a major in English. For entertainment, I enjoy comedy and sports. My favorite team is undoubtedly the New England Patriots; Tom Brady is the greatest QB to ever play the game, although I’ve been a Patriots fan since Brady was a backup. My favorite food is chicken wings and I eat them at least 3 times a week lol. I have a tri-colored cat named Lexi who is a total sweetheart. Oh yeah, I’m also an eligible bachelor, ladies.

An interesting fact about me: I’m a former professional wrestler trained by Lance Storm in Calgary, AB. I’ve had 12 pro matches and I also briefly trained with Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart’s nephew, Teddy. I ultimately decided the entertainment industry wasn’t for me, but I still miss it. I will always cherish the moments I spent in the ring.